1911 Cleaning Manual

THE COMPLETE 1911 CLEANING MANUAL is a comprehensive, step by step description for the disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of 1911 series 70, 80 and bull barrel models and includes descriptions for cleaning fixed & removable base magazines. There are 111 detailed black and white photographs. Each manual is $19.95. The manual is written by Herb Hazen who has been in the firearms industry for over 40 years. He has been building custom 1911′s since the mid-90′s. He worked with Dick Casull for 5 years developing and marketing the CA 3800 (a .38 Casull caliber based on the 1911). To see a sample page, please email us at charlesdlou@gmail.com. Dealer inquiries are welcomed. We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard or American Express + $4.95 for domestic Priority Mail. Sales tax is collected only in Wyoming at local county rate. Contact us at Charles d’Lou Wildlife Gallery, (307)733-1530 or (800)522-1530, PO Box 1299, Jackson, WY 83001. Dealer inquires welcomed.

What others are saying about this manual:

“This manual would be a great gift for anyone that owns or about to purchase a 1911. The clarity of the illustrations and detailed instruction makes for a five star rating.” Jim F.

“This is simply the easiest, most comprehensive cleaning manual available for the 1911. The manual will take a novice or seasoned shooter through the proper steps for cleaning the 1911. The step by step instructions are illustrated with photographs to help guide you through the process. If you are a 1911 shooter, this is a must have manual!” Mike C.

“I purchased a copy of this book as part of a class offered by the author in which Mr. Hazen helped all attendees take apart their 1911′s, clean them and then put them back together. Mr. Hazen and his business partner Diane took studious notes so that they could improve any unclear parts of the book. Mr. Hazen, a legend in the custom 1911 builder’s world, demonstrated his true passion for the gun.

“I am not mechanically inclined, but if I was ever going to be stranded on a desert island with a 1911, and I could only have one book on basic 1911 maintenance; this would be the book!”

Shepard Humphries
Luxury Entertainment Shooting Industry Leader”

“Herb Hazen is a builder of fine 1911-style handguns, and knows them in excruciating detail. This manual is clearly written, and illustrated with copious and clear photographs which take the reader through every step of disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly. You will need a few useful tools, but this is the only manual you’ll need to take perfect care of your 1911!” Bill S.

“Without question, this is the best cleaning manual I have seen or used. I was taken aback by how fantastic the photos were and the descriptions are exceptionally clear. Other manuals assume you know already how to take a pistol apart and only cover a few details. This manual covers the whole process of take down and reassembly. It is absolutely the best cleaning manual for 1911′s on the market.” Bob Fletcher, NV

“100% perfect!” Tom Christopher, PA